The Good Medicine Studio is a fully equipped, inviting space, available to host classes, workshops, events and gatherings.


As a nonprofit dedicated to making radical health experiences accessible to all, the Good Medicine Studio offers a variety of options to lower the barriers of access and support those providing healing services to the community.


No set payment is required for a teacher, artist, practitioner or provider, to host their offering to the community.   


The suggested donation is $25.00 per hour.  Donations are accepted following your class or event through a debit/credit card via DipJar at the space or by leaving a check in a designated box.


We understand that some classes may yield different exchanges both energetically and monetarily and we invite you to let this guide your donation in a way that helps sustain you as well as future offerings that everyone can access!


This exchange is a way of keeping our work mission-driven and flexible — cultivating a spirit of generosity as we seek to create a space that is accessible and joyful for all.  


The studio is booked by the hour, including 15 minutes prior to the offering, to set up the space.


Additionally, the Good Medicine Studio is available to rent for corporate events. For corporate booking rates, please contact


Please visit our events page to check availability and fill out the studio booking request form. One of our team members will be in touch!