Radical Health Conversations

Radical Health Conversations are donation-based, walk-in 30 minute health conversations with integrative providers. In our modern day culture, health can be an utterly confusing and overwhelming topic to navigate with so many available resources. We will make it as easy as possible for our community to find answers to their health questions and be empowered to take control over their own health destiny. We will help people awaken to a deeper connection to their body-mind-spirit and guide them towards experiences, practices and community resources that can support them on their health journey.  Coming soon.

Good Medicine Circles

These circles are meant to create space for a new kind of conversation between the community and clinicians. The gatherings are open to anyone and will start monthly and increase in frequency as needed. They will be centered around topics that help remind us how to have a body and take care of it in the 21st century. While the group will be facilitated by doctors, social workers, health coaches, and other clinicians, we encourage it to be a dialogue where we all learn from each other. The community will build reliance on themselves and each other as they become more empowered to care for their own health. Coming soon.