Therese Jornlin

What I have lived –the ouch and the awe–and what I have managed to transform into medicine in my own life is really all I can offer another person. All of my studies and personal practices have been propelled by a life-long passion to understand–and feel– the relationship between the body and the mind, energy, and matter, spirit and form. While I’ve studied and practiced a lot of eastern and some western modalities, in all honesty, I share with individuals and groups the practices that have changed my life – somatic-based therapies, bio-energetic counseling, mindful movement aligned with breath, earth-teachings, women’s circles, ceremony and –above all–being a single working mom of three beautiful human beings. Oh! And dance medicine! How could I forget that body prayer? All of these different embodied wayfinders continue to illuminate simplicity as a secret, fragility as a superpower, listening as an antidote, gratitude as a generator and love as the elixir that cures all ills. My 60 years have brought me the medicine of relating to my body as a sacred expression of creation that is at one with the earth-body and celestial body. So, I’d dare to say in this decade of my life that I’ve also become an activator and a bit of a wisdom-weaver, carrying a root desire for us to awaken to our capacity to heal ourselves, to steady our minds, to be in communion and community on a planet we all love. I’m still learning how to be a human being in a land of human doing and I suppose that as long as I’m breathing, I’ll be invited to keep loving my life back to itself so more and more and more of it can become medicine for myself and others.