Terry Ann Scriven

MD Family Medicine, Direct Primary Care

I am a physician dedicated to empowering individuals to obtain their best health.  I am a physician trained in both Ophthalmology and Family Practice, via the Mayo Clinic, and in Atlanta, Yale and New York. Originally from Minnesota, I have called Maine home for near thirty years. Here I thoroughly enjoy wilderness experiences during all four of our glorious seasons, as well as paddling the coastal and inland waters. I thrive in community, and know we must continue to create inclusive, accepting, and trauma sensitive organizations that welcome all people, and work hard to support each other. Meditation, through OPEN DOOR MEDITATION PORTLAND, as well as the Center for Non-violent communication, and the Dickey Center at Dartmouth, are an important part of my grounding. 

I offer medical consultations with one or several hour long visits, for new or existing medical conditions with the purpose of helping you access timely, best care possible within our community’s medical system. Medical consultations are focused on your concerns and wish for better health. I believe that each patient deserves attention from providers that involves empowering each individual to obtain the information and care that they need, to lead to their own healing.

To help make our medical system and US immigration process more welcoming and respectful of all peoples. 

The Racial Affinity group through Open Door Meditation has helped support an exploration of  more awareness of my own privilege and responsibility to perceive important change and possibilities.

To learn more about Terry Ann or schedule an initial consultation please go to http://maxhealthme.org/
For Immigration physicals application please fill out the electronic form at https://maxhealthme.hint.com/signup.
If you need translation services for your medical history part of the immigration exam, please contact one of the other doctor offices listed at https://my.uscis.gov/findadoctor