Tania Zuckerman

Breathwork Therapy

My medicine offering is BREATHWORK for healing and awakening- and I have never been more energized, inspired and motivated to share this offering than right now through Spiraldance Breathwork. I guide therapeutic Individual Breathwork Sessions and Group Breathwork Sessions through Breathwork Practitioner Trainings, Breathwork & Nature Retreats and Breathwork Workshops.

I love that we are own healers- and given the right circumstance, we can use our very own breath to access such profound and deep transformative shifts, alter our states of consciousness to gain perspective, and to come home fully more home into our bodies. I have found over the past 20 years such profound joy and humility in witnessing and supporting others to integrate stress and trauma in a somatic way and empower themselves through this healing work.

I have long been a seeker of what is “true” beyond the veil of our own patterning, upbringing, storylines and I continue to seek that truth for myself.

Breathwork found me in 1994 and offered me a profound release and inspiration when I needed it most- and the journey continues.

While I rely on my extensive training and experience as a long-time Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner, as well as an Earth Circle Minister, to hold space for your process of discovery and somatic integration- my greatest and most important teacher is you- being, breathing, opening, present YOU and the shared space we create together to help you birth what is needed in your life at this time. YOU are the medicine you’ve been waiting for. And I look forward to sharing that space with you. To learn more about me and my Breathwork Therapy practice and what our therapeutic process looks like, visit-www.spiraldancebreathwork.com.