Tania Zuckerman


My medicine offering is BREATH- a portal of potentiality and creation. The Journey into ourselves is a brave one- to reclaim the fragmented parts of ourselves and return to our wholeness. Why not utilize our own bodies to heal ourselves? Breathwork Therapy is a therapeutic journey process of unwinding stored stress, repairing old “wounds”, and along the way- accessing deep states of consciousness beyond the scope of the limited mind to help empower our best selves so we can live our best lives- all through the act of breathing. 

There is power in becoming your own vehicle for transformation and healing and for 20 years I have guided and held my clients in the deepest respect for taking that sacred step toward their own enlightened integration all through their own breath and presence. I have long been a seeker of what is “true” beyond the veil of our patterning, upbringing, storylines. 

Breathwork found me in 1994 and offered me a profound release and inspiration when I needed it most- and the journey continues. While I rely on my extensive training and experience as a long-time Breathwork Practitioner and Somatic Breath Therapist, as well as Sacred Ceremony Guide to hold space for your process of discovery and somatic integration- my greatest and most important teacher is you- being, breathing, opening, present you. You are the medicine you’ve been waiting for. And I look forward to sharing space together. To learn more about me and my Breathwork Therapy practice visit- www.spiraldancebreathwork.com.