Tania Zuckerman


Spiraldance Breathwork is a holistic, integrative therapeutic modality that uses primarily a guided conscious, connected breath to help you create new pathways of body-mind past-present connections for release, integration, and recalibration. A powerful and effective empowerment tool to help YOU gain more freedom, ease and joy in your life.

Founded with its roots in Rebirthing Breathwork, along with Holotropic & Transformational Breathwork, Spiraldance Breathwork is a profound change-agent providing the power of breath with intuitive guidance, compassionate presence and skillful facilitation. Spiraldance Breathwork meets the professional requirements set by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance as a certified Breathwork practitioner and trainer.

A highly skilled and effective practitioner, Tania brings the medicine of breath to the Collective. Founder of Spiraldance Breathwork, she has been a leader of Breathwork in Maine for over 15 years. Tania’s good medicine is to connect us to the power of the breath.

To learn more about Tania and schedule an appointment, please visit her website at www.spiraldancebreathwork.com or contact her at spiraldancebreathwork@gmail.com