Sabra Saperstein

Hearth Holder

My medicine takes many forms. The healing modes that I feel most passionate about these days are cooking, helping people come more fully into their bodies, cultivating community, and creating beauty. At Good Medicine I am called the Hearth Holder and one of my primary responsibilities is feeding the providers. Cooking is an art form for me and I make food to nourish the Soul. 

I hold space in a variety of ways and for several different communities, but one of my main offerings is a relational practice called Energy Body practice. It trains the capacity to track one’s internal experience, find authentic language to speak it, and the ability to remain attuned internally, even as one listens and is impacted by the other. It helps us be with others in a way that hones real and skillful connection and fosters a sense of belonging in groups. 

I also offer Mindful Movement, a practice that opens and relaxes the body and also cultivates embodiment and coming into a more intimate relationship with this precious vessel. 

I feel undeniably called to the healing path and continue to listen and come to know the fluid and ever-evolving manifestations of my medicine.