René Goddess Johnson

Embodied Equity Play Consultant

Good Medicine is thrilled to sponsor Rene Johnson as she works throughout local organizations, including ours, to take a fresh look at social justice and racial equity training. She is an arts and community organizer, choreographer, coordinator of multicultural affairs, education and events, designer, director, embodied equity consultant, innovator, performance artist, and producer. Rene was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, then raised in the suburbs of Portland, Maine starting at age 6. From 2014 – 2019 she worked with the Theater Ensemble of Color, team TEoC (TEE-oC) and created a strong unconventional institution committed to social justice and racial equity as well as historical education. The dedicated, talented and committed work of TEoC’s team is recognized throughout New England for its outstanding original productions (Best Theater Company, Ensemble, 2018 in Portland Maine) and exceptional educational outreach programs and workshops. A phenomenal actress and performer, she invites and gives permission for the audience to actively participate throughout the show, destroying the illusion of a fourth wall immediately. She has begun using embodiment play and performance to help educate individuals and organizations in social and racial equity practices. Rene follows these values in her work:

Play is for all.

Play is not meek.

Playing is necessary.

The more variety in play, the better the society. It takes a village to play.

The best way to predict fun is to create play.

Play with honesty and integrity.

Play lives and breathes by the moment.

Playing vulnerably is not just what we do; it’s who we are.

Play is for the boardroom, the office and the stage.

Knowledgeable and educated key players help win the game.

To learn more about what Rene is up to in Portland, please visit her site here: Embodied Equity Play

You can contact her at

Rene’s good medicine is dancing and singing every day!