Maggie Gillis

Hydrotherapist, Massage + Aesthetics

Maggie has a deep love for rituals of self care and healing. Her interest in Old World wellness (onsen, caldarium, hammam, banya, temazcal) began in her twenties with her first trip to a Korean spa. She believes that the spa, or bathhouse, is not a luxury, but an integral part of health, and should be interwoven throughout our lives. She is a lifelong dancer and student of anatomy and has a fascination with historic and cultural perceptions of anatomy and physiology. She enjoys using herbs, essential oils, and native botanicals in the scrubs, masks, and wraps that she makes for spa treatments; as well as sauna whisks, herb bundles, and steam that she uses in her heat therapies. She received her formal training in California and has happily returned home to the Maine coast. Dually licensed in massage and aesthetics, she incorporates shiatsu, acupressure, lymphatic work, and myofascial ScarWork into her massage and skincare. In addition to hydrotherapy, Maggie is also an aquatic therapist (watsu and water dance) and believes wholeheartedly in the healing potential of water, whether it be a warm pool or steam. She feels that our bodies have an innate capacity to heal themselves, and healers are primarily guides to help shine a light on dark and muddled places.

Maggie says, “My good medicine is water. In all its myriad forms. My earliest memories are of exploring tidal pools on the Maine coast. I am a water baby. From my saltwater cocktail in the morning to a warm cup of tea in the evening. From steam showers and saunas to hot tubs and cold pools; warm water massage, swimming in the ocean, creek crawling and swimming holes discovered deep in the woods. Water is, for me, the foundation of my good medicine.”