Lara Turnure

Therapeutic Bodywork and Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Therapist

My medicine, in this moment exists in these borrowed words:

“Greet Yourself

In your thousand other forms

As you mount the hidden tide & travel back home.”

– Hafiz

My path to Good Medicine came from my heart and directly through my hands. My hands but primarily my heart has brought me into this circle and community of healers, visionaries, teachers, dreamers, doctors, and guides. My hands were the conduit to express my deep care and genuine love of humanity and the greater field of our natural world. My hands have been connecting with human bodies through therapeutic bodywork and the lessons of Thai medicine and massage. 

My heart and soul have been shaped deeply by my own brushes with mortality and by deep pain and trauma. Although I am a lover of beauty, play, dance, and color, I am also a knower of the dark; darkness like the center of the earth. I have found solace and deep healing in community, ceremony, and mostly in wild places. My being is most at ease roaming in the mountains, oceans, and rivers with deep reverence of mother nature. Lying beneath a star studded sky pondering the great mystery beyond is a gift beyond words.

My hope to  share anything I may have learned through this journey of my lifetime as we explore the journey of you. My soul studies have included ecology and patterns of nature, the Buddhadharma, yoga, botany and plant medicines, therapeutic massage and more. Most recently I have been learning the art and science of Psychedelic Somatic Interactive Therapy and the unravelling of our autonomic nervous system. 

I live my days knowing the arc of my life is a mystery. Where am I on the curve? I surrender to this mystery and aim to slow my roll and be present with you on yours. My desire is to weave even greater connections, authenticity, reverence, play and belonging in both the quiet dark places and together in community and ceremony. It would be an honor to hold space for your soul to be at ease and true. 

Phone:  (207) 408 3043 

Website: Releaf Therapeutic Massage