Genell Huston

Lila Yoga, Owner

My medicine is being with: with you, with us, with me, right here, along for this dance, this ride, this one magically mysterious life and all its various twists, turns, valleys, peaks, and endless forms of nameless expressions. My medicine is available, open, and willing to practice welcoming it all. My medicine is humble, honest, and sincere – I see life as a practice, not to be learned, checked off a list, completed, graduated from, but, to be in, with, and ever-growing, shifting, changing, bending, shaping.

My medicine is playful, embodied, spirited, and rooted in and on this Earth. I trust the ripple effect of my own full-bellied laughter, or the flowing salty river of tears released when I share from my heart, and the contagious effect to shift and move energy individually and collectively. I trust and believe we are from the cosmos and together on and with this Earth. Her medicine our medicine; our medicine her medicine. I feel the healing medicine of a night spent around a crackling fire underneath a starlit sky. I feel the fresh rebirth walking into a salty cold ocean and soak in her blessings like healing prayers. I trust her cycles, and honor them in my being, in all beings. The sun, the moon, the tides, the seasons, all cycling in me, around me, and with me. I trust we all belong.

I offer movement, I offer play, exploration, adventure, reflection, and integration. I offer myself, as me, a mama of two boys, a partner, a dear friend, a yogi, a studio owner/entrepreneur, a keen Sagiatarius adventurer, seeker, seer, visionary, dreamer, writer, being, and… (may this list keep flowing). This shows up in the day to day as supporting my kids to and from school/camps/play/sports, teaching yoga/movement classes in person/online/outside, cooking nourishing meals for my family and friends, sitting still, running hard, witnessing another being, leading retreats near and far, moving into wild spaces and places, and sure as hell saying a giant YES to falling in love over and over again with this one wild life. I invite you to practice, play, explore the depths of the grandest of canyons alongside me.