Genell Huston

Lila Yoga, Owner

Genell Huston is wide eyed and open to living life to its fullest.  She guides and helps others to embrace the magic of this life. You can find her plunging into the cold Atlantic waters, leading weekly yoga classes, workshops, trainings at her studio, Lila East End Yoga, or perhaps chasing her two wild and active boys down to the beach, howling with the monkeys on Retreat in Costa Rica, stirring soup in her kitchen, and/or circling with close friends and family.  She sees this one amazing life as one to be lived in good form, health, and love. She has been experimenting both on and off the mat for decades to embrace healthier ways of relating. Yoga and Ayurveda have been guide posts on her discovery to living a more balanced way of being. Genell’s good medicine is drinking in the sun and the moon, rising and setting.

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