Desiree Nicole Lester

Good Medicine lives at the corner of a park I grew up visiting regularly when I needed a good place to think alone.  Before Good Medicine arrived I would visit this little spot on the corner in real life and in my adult dream life.  After 14 plus years of being away from Maine, one day I found myself home again and in need of urgent care after many years of relying on my youth and self treating problems.  That day I found myself in tears after a new doctor visit, so I walked down to Bracket street after my nearby appointment and found myself staring at Good Medicine.  I immediately felt connected and hoped there would be room for me.  Currently, I am exploring what it means to hold space for a BIPOC community at Good Medicine.  This inquiry has led me to start designing a potential residency offering that could grow with the love and support of this collective and its members.   

Here you will find a small window seat into my healing journey in a soundcloud I created to normalize sharing trauma. During the height of my COVID sadness, I was called to Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt for healing.  Once there I was divinely guided to healers and artists that helped me find my voice. Big thank you to Dj Amen Ra, Cherief Cotta and Karim Tobgy who shared their expertise and musical talents to help me get comfortable asking for help and remaining open to receive despite past failures, rejection or shame around not having what I need. 

My medicine is my story.