Colin Reid


Within the Good Medicine community, my medicine flows through the project of Riverbird. My colleagues and I hold the container for deep individual and group therapeutic process, supported by psychedelic medicine. More broadly, I am interested in the medicine of ceremony, the medicine of groups process, the medicines required for healing our cultural stories and writing new ones, the medicine of fatherhood, the medicines of the wild, the medicines of plants, the medicine of buddha-dharma, the medicine of our own mortality. At its most elemental level, my medicine springs from a deep trust in the capacity of awareness and to heal the heart and mind. I have found that the more I develop my capacities to hold my fears, wounds and confusions with poise, the greater grows my capacity to support others in the same. I have a longstanding practice of meditation and ceremonial healing work, and a perpetual curiosity for the methods we reeand technologies for healing the human heart.

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