Ben Hagopian, MD, MPH

Family and Integrative Physician

Hi, I’m Ben Hagopian, one of the direct primary doctors at Good Medicine. I received my medical and public health degrees from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH and trained in family medicine at Maine Medical Center.

The traditional healthcare system is lacking a lot of elements of prevention, health, and wellness so I pursued training in integrative medicine at Maine Medical Center and the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

While I appreciate my conventional medical training and my previous experiences, I find the direct primary care philosophy to be so eye-opening and nourishing to myself and my patients. I feel as though the most important thing I can offer my patients is my time… and now I have it.

Time to hear them: Their concerns, worries, hopes, fears, triumphs. Time to counsel them: Do we focus on nutrition, stress relief, medical therapy, a specialty referral, surgery, botanical remedies? Does this person just need someone to talk to and get some reassurance? All of these discussions are important in building that longitudinal relationship and subverting the conventional healthcare system that is lacking in so many ways.

And the amazing thing is that while I do my best to heal others, they often return the favor without even knowing it.

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