Beau Demkar


One thing for me that has always been so compelling about meditation, is how it reminds us that well-being is in our own hands. The medicine I am offering in this role is just that: a reminder. To remember your body, heart, and mind. Your senses, your speech, your actions. To remember your communities and your planet, and much more. To re-member yourself as a spark of loving awareness in the great flame of life. In a way, to find your wholeness, so that you may safely fall apart and be free. My aim is to support you in cultivating a variety of ways for understanding and tending to your experience. These skills become a kind of medicine of which you can always have access, and bring healing to all sorts of dis-ease.

In addition to meditation, I also enjoy many other forms of medicine in my life. Music, dance, food, laughter, romance, nature, ceremony, community, yoga, biking, and much more. In addition to offering their own healing, these things also inform how I practice and teach meditation.