Andrew Forsthoefel

Sound Healer/Vibrational Healing

My soul is the medicine I have to offer, the daily work of being, discovering, and sharing who I am, and from that place, receiving and harmonizing with who you are. My medicine sings through my voice, in song and in storytelling, and finds its way into the words I write: essays and poems, letters and lyrics, and so far one book (about a post-grad year I spent walking across America to listen). I’ve been a student of ceremony work for nearly ten years, and I share my medicine in this way, too, co-creating ritual space to court the soul, honor the earth, and attend to our interconnected nature. I desire to be in spaces that dignify our humanity. I am drawn to relationships in which “I and thou” can be a little more vulnerable, a little more authentic, a little more ourselves, together. My teacher said to me once, “We are the medicine.” I try to remember this, and to trust that my remembering is a worthy offering. Website