Andrea Wenger

Sound Healer/Vibrational Healing

As a Vibrational Healer, Andrea weaves sound, Reiki, shamanic and spiritual healing approaches into her sound baths and meditations. She creates a safe and sacred space to relax and remember the truth of who you are in a world that often feels chaotic and upside-down. Her voice, often blending with crystal singing bowls, is a bridge to other realms—awakening the heart and soothing the soul.

Andrea holds a Masters in Applied Healing Arts, and brings over 10 years of experience in energetic and vibrational healing to her sessions. With an additional 15 years in nutrition and health coaching, she understands the full spectrum of the healing journey, and has found her deep gladness in the space between the seen and unseen worlds. Weaving melody, harmony and varied frequencies with the intention to release energetic blocks that lead to dis-ease in the body, her sound experiences provide a space to heal on many levels.

Andrea’s good medicine includes solo time in the woods, soulful dancing, singing in harmony, sacred circles of women, and preparing local, seasonal, organic food with love!