There is a disease of the Soul in the Western world, and in response, we are exploring new possibilities in health care, ways of relating to the body and Self, and the cultivation of heart-centered communities. Each on our own healing journey, we recognize that a healthy supportive community is essential to sustained transformation. Our health depends upon the health of those around us; we are not satellites, but relational, interdependent organisms. We need each other to heal.

At Good Medicine, we are exploring village consciousness and what it means to be a healing community. By practicing presence and authenticity, we recover intimacy and connection. By practicing acceptance for the Self and Other, we recover compassion and empathy. By slowing down, we discover our grief, joy, and shared humanity. We use the medicine of ceremony in the form of Good Medicine Circles to remember the wisdom and knowing of these bodies, to recover more of ourselves and thus each other.

As we grow and deepen the pulse of this healing community, we will begin to offer Circles to the public to support people longing for connection and sustained transformation. The Circles will be led by Good Medicine guides and support the integration of a more heart-centered way of being. We will practice listening for and cultivating our authentic experience of Self rather than relying on a habituated performative Self.  We will learn what this body needs to build trust and intimacy. Together, we will usher in a new way of being, a consciousness born out of love.