Making good medicine accessible to everybody

Guiding Principles

EVERYONE deserves to be whole
Let NATURE be our guide
EMBRACE the uncertainty of a new way
Whole health requires INTEGRITY
Good Medicine tastes JOYFUL

Good Medicine Collective is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to reimagine and reclaim your health for our community. We aim to make holistic experiences inviting and affordable to everybody.

Good Medicine Collective offers a radical health experience by expanding the current narrative of health beyond biomarkers. We believe radical health is feeling empowered to embody this rich experience of life: the joy as well as the suffering. It does not mean fixing or numbing or distracting. We believe people find their whole health through nourishing food, authentic relationships, invigorating movement, inspired creativity, contemplation, laughter, vulnerability, storytelling, connection to nature and this earth to which we belong.

We believe health should be experienced, not prescribed, so consider Good Medicine your whole health playground. We have gathered collaborative health providers, a wellness cafe-LB Kitchen West, a community studio space and a hydrotherapy room all under one roof.

We believe radical health should be available for EVERYONE and we will work to amplify accessibility to marginalized communities. We are creating an evolving space for opportunities that allow all of us to discover our good medicine in the support of community and health providers. Everybody is welcome into space; meet a friend for coffee, listen to live music in the studio, experiment with movement through dance or yoga, discover energy through acupuncture. We invite you to find your own good medicine.