October 11th, 2022 – November 29th, 2022

Living Awake:
An exploration of daily rituals to honor self, community, and Earth

This is an 8-week journey to cultivate the experience of living that you deeply desire. You will be asked to tend to your inner and outer gardens, planting and sowing seeds that foster the truest version of yourself and what you have to offer the greater collective.  We need each other to step into our innate sense of wholeness; which includes you remembering your own. By saying yes to tending to yourself, by reconnecting to your natural belonging, and by listening to your intuition/cycles/rhythms, you not only feed yourself but you feed the collective; you not only free yourself, you free the collective.  Together we say yes to living more awake in this life.

We do this by tending to the most basic of human needs:  hydrating, feeding, nurturing, resting, moving, and caring for the relationships in our day-to-day lives.  The way we go about our self-care rituals is a key to shifting how we feel and relate to ourselves, our communities, and the natural world.  This journey threads in practices from a variety of lineages from East to West, from Earth to Sky, from subtle to physical, from emotional to spiritual. Together they weave a remembered whole version of self.

We do this through reflection and curiosity.  Meeting weekly for 90 minutes as a small group of 6-8 participants and 2-3 facilitators, we will drop into community to welcome reflection, realization, and conscious choice-making in regards to our health, habits, and relationships.  Through the support of this circle and ceremony, we will explore being seen in our fullest version of ourselves.  By telling our story on this journey and bearing witness to others tell theirs, we will begin to live into new rhythms and senses of self.

This course will work with three ceremonial medicine circles throughout the 12 weeks together.  With the assistance of Ketamine, you will be guided down a deep path into your psyche to better understand the patterns, resistances, visions, and dreams that may otherwise be hidden from your waking mind. The weeks that are supported with Ketamine will ask for a larger time commitment.  The medicine ceremonies will be on Mondays from 2-8 pm, followed by the regularly scheduled Tuesday 3-4:30 pm meeting for integration.

This journey will help you become more vibrant, alive, and awake in your senses, in tune with your natural rhythms and the rhythms of nature, and more conscious of the culture you are living in and the one you want to cultivate for the future.


Meet The Facilitators


Does this Offering Call to You?

  • Are there things in your life you wish you were doing but have not set out to do?
  • Are there habits or patterns in your life that are keeping you stuck?
  • Do you ever feel out of sync with nature and what is happening in your external environment?
  • Do you crave having a clearer mind?  More time?  More energy?
  • Do you question what optimal health is for you?
  • Do you long for a sense of belonging?
  • Do you want to be in a sweeter relationship with your body?
  • Do you long for more ease in familial relationships?
  • Do you question boundaries and where to establish them more clearly?




Course Offering Specifics

We intend to limit the group size to 8-12 participants to ensure depth of connection and intimacy.  We ask that you think seriously about this time commitment before applying and ensure it works for you and those you are in relation with.  The weekly meetings over 8 weeks will be held on Tuesdays from 3-4:30 pm at Good Medicine Collective at 231 York Street on Portland’s West End.  The three KAP sessions will be held on Mondays from 2-8 pm with integration held the following Tuesday from 3-4:30 pm.  We ask that you plan to attend and be present for all of this time in connection.




Specific Dates: October 11th, 2022 – November 29th, 2022

  • Week 1: October 11  3-4:30
  • Week 2: October 18  3-4:30
  • Week 3: October 24  2-8pm KAP,  Oct 25 3-4:30pm Integration
  • Week 4: November 1  3-4:30pm
  • Week 5: November 7  2-8pm KAP, November 8, 3-4:30pm Integration
  • Week 6: November 15  3-4:30pm
  • Week 7: November 28  2-8pm KAP, November 29 3-4:30 Integration
  • Week 8: December 6  3-4:30


What Support is Included

  • 30 min intake call
  • 90 min weekly in-person community circle
  • 3 Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Sessions with Riverbird Clinic
  • Online Resource Hub with access to videos, audio recordings, & relevant resource links and a community communication platform
  • 3 one on one, 30-minute check-in sessions with one of the facilitators
  • Buddy system for support/accountability



SUPPORTED PRICING - $2,500  For those with limited financial resources and seeking support from the community to supplement registration costs.

FAIR PRICING - $3,000  For those with sufficient financial resources and the ability to pay for the value of the course. 

REBALANCING PRICING - $3,500. For those with more than enough financial resources to register for this offering and a desire to make this course accessible to those in need of support.


*We don’t want cost to be the barrier between you and this program; if it is, please email


Application Process

To be considered for this program, the first step is to send us an email with your name, preferred pronouns, and contact information as well as one of the following submission options sharing a bit of your story and how it has led you here:

1.  Written word (500-word count max)
2.  Voice memo (3 min max length)
3.  Video memo (3 min max length)

Please submit an application to by 9/11 with the Subject: LIVING AWAKE.  You will hear from us for additional application steps.