All circles are held in the studio at the Good Medicine Collective.


Good Medicine Integration Circle

Good Medicine Integration Circles are safe sanctuaries to integrate experiences from altered states of consciousness. The container will be held and facilitated gently offering safe space for participants to continue their integration in the presence of a supportive circle. We believe healing does not occur in isolation, but in community.

Expanded states of consciousness can shift our internal patterns and belief systems and yet our external reality remains unchanged. We will create community to support each other in embodying these internal shifts in every aspect of our lives. This circle meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm.


Living Awake Circle

This is an intensive dive into sustained transformation through a 12 week facilitated journey of self, each other, and this earth. The course meets weekly in community as participants are guided through basic daily rituals to experience more awareness, meaning and connection in their lives. We will be supported by 3 group ketamine sessions throughout the 12 weeks in order to more deeply shift old patterns that are no longer serving. These sessions and integration will be in collaboration with Riverbird Clinic. The next circle runs Tuesdays 3-4:30pm starting November 16. Learn more HERE


Lila Yoga Circle 

Rooted in principles of yoga and inspired by the Sanskrit concept of Lila or “play” Genell Huston leads an invigorating and inspiring circle to awaken the body, mind and heart. Genell is guided by the cycles and rhythms of this earth in her practice as a grounding principle on the path towards sustained embodied transformation. This circle meets weekly on Fridays at noon.


Sanctuary Circle

For thousands of years in traditional cultures across the globe, the human voice has been used as a channel for medicinal presence, personal transformation, and community-making. Drawing on the influence of his ancestors and teachers, Andrew Forsthoefel offers a monthly circle of song, chant, freestyle vocalization, and silence to nourish the soul. Participants sit or lie down in a circle around a mandala-altar made over the course of the evening by Sabra Saperstein. Come take sanctuary in candlelight to rest and journey with the music. This circle meets on the first Friday of the month from 7:00-8:30pm

Meditation with Beau Demkar

(This circle will not gather in the month of July, 2022)


One part of these gatherings is group meditation. There is some instruction and guidance offered, as well as time to discover the depths of silence. Meditative techniques are primarily drawn from Buddhist traditions, and include cultivating a calm and pleasant abiding, liberating ways of paying attention, and blooming of the heart through practices like loving-kindness and others.

In addition to the practice, there is also time for discussion of the Buddhist teachings. The aim is that the teachings will be attuned and responsive to the needs of those attending any given circle. In that vein, your questions, comments, ponderings, frustrations, delights etc. regarding the practice are not only welcome, but strongly encouraged and requested. They may come from any area of your life that you wish to, or already are, including in your practice.  Together we will explore and reflect from our own experience as well as from the ancient and contemporary wisdom we have inherited. This circle meets every 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sunday at 4pm.