General Questions

Is Good Medicine a “practice” that I can join?

No, we are a group of independent practitioners who have come together under a shared mission and vision to make whole health accessible to everyone. We- as Good Medicine Collective health providers, musicians, artists, visionaries, culinary experts, bodyworkers, osteopaths, meditators, acupuncturists, therapists and much more- are bound only by our shared vision, our desire to work in community and to be a part of something that may have bigger impact than any of us could do alone. We are also a community who supports each other to remain joyful, inspired and passionate about the work we do.

We will have interdisciplinary collaborative programming. We meet regularly so if you see multiple practitioners in the space, we may discuss your health together (with your permission) to optimize your healing journey.

However, there will be direct primary care providers here, of whom you may choose to become a patient. They will be able to work closely with the other holistic providers to help make the best suggestions for you in spirit.mind.body.

What does health education and advocacy mean?

As a collective we are not giving health to you, we are participating with you in the co-creation of your health, helping you to reclaim your health destiny. Good Medicine Collective is a place where people have the opportunity to experience wholeness (in spirit.mind.body) and feel empowered to improve their own health. As Maya Angelou says,  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” In order for a transformation to occur, people have to feel the shift within themselves, they can’t just be told what to do. Our current health system relies on doctors telling patients how to make themselves healthier, without them being able to experience or feel supported in that journey. Good Medicine hopes to be a space where people get to experiment with what whole health feels like. It may be through tasting the delicious healthy food offerings or the invigoration and instinctual rhythm of an African dance class or the infusion of spirit through your body as you practice yoga. It may simply be through connecting with a friend over tea. I imagine Good Medicine as a playground for health experiences that are supported by a team of health care providers.

Who does Good Medicine serve?

Suffering is a human condition from which no demographic or population is exempt. Thus, we believe everyone should be included in the movement toward whole health. We invite all human beings to participate in the offerings at Good Medicine. As a nonprofit, we are able to support those people that otherwise would not be able to afford these opportunities through donation-based programming, sliding scale and volunteer exchanges. In our efforts to be more accessible, we encourage participation by communities that are traditionally left out of the “holistic wellness” movement. Rather than just serve marginalized populations, we hope to build internal leadership and host providers and teachers from these communities to help spread this health empowerment movement to everyone.  We invite all humans of any race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, national origin, disability, ancestry, marital status, veteran status or medical condition to come in for a healthy conversation and to explore this health playgrounds.

What are the donation-based healthy one-on-one and group conversations?

Donna, Liz and Lara will be offering donation-based 1-on-1 health conversations to help people get started on their journeys toward healing. We will help people reframe their health story and empower them to discover their own good medicine. We may suggest participating in opportunities at Good Medicine or elsewhere in the community. Additionally, as follow up to the one-on-one conversations, Liz and others will be hosting weekly themed group conversations on the basics of how to have and care for your body. Our current healthcare paradigm fosters a sense of isolation in the way it is practiced. At Good Medicine, the hope is that by working in groups we can recognize the suffering we feel is shared among others even through our individual stories may be different. Can we draw upon the strength of the community to support each other in co-creating health? As Wendell Berry reminds us, HEALTH “is not just the sense of completeness in ourselves but also is the sense of belonging to others and to our place; it is an unconscious awareness of community, of having in common. It may be that this double sense of singular integrity and of communal belonging is our personal standard of health for as long as we live.”

Do you take insurance?

Each provider in the space handles their financial exchanges differently. Please go to the particular provider’s site link to see how they operate. In our desire to transform the way health is practiced and provided, the providers in the space offer a variety of payment structures: Insurance-based, membership-based, cash-based, sliding scale, etc. In this way, we can reach the most people, maintain flexibility for evolution, and learn from each other and the community how to deliver the best and most accessible health care possible. There are many free or donation-based opportunities at Good Medicine including meditation, healthy one-on-one conversations and group lecture series on How to Have a Body. There will be many more free or donation-based opportunities as we grow: please check our events page for upcoming opportunities.

Healthy food is too expensive! How is this “accessible!?”

We are working closely with LB Kitchen to expand access to delicious healthy meals. We will have a pay-it-forward option so those that can afford healthy food can offer the same to someone who cannot. We like this model as the community becomes responsible for caring for each other.

How will you sustain the nonprofit?

We hope to encourage those people who have had inspiring health experiences at Good Medicine Collective, to donate a health experience for someone who cannot afford it. If you feel you had a transformative experience at Good Medicine, feel free to donate here. We have a gratitude board of thank you letters and stories from people who have received support from your generosity.

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