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A Taste of Good Medicine: A Culinary & Art Exploration of Mushrooms

April 26 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Composting, regeneration, begendings…Life comes from Death in unexpected ways.

Mushrooms are essential to the cycles of creativity and aliveness, transforming death into life, and creating vast networks of sensing and connection. In this Taste of Good Medicine, we will play with several mushrooms whose medicinal gifts mirror the offerings of the Good Medicine Collective. Medicines that help us: develop and practice deep self-awareness; notice, release and repattern habits, stories and realities; discern the boundaries of ourselves while connecting in deep belonging with others; access calm and adaptive capacity amidst change and uncertainty; experience vitality in our bodies, and access the regenerative gifts that come with allowing parts of ourselves to die and decompose.

Together, we will cook and make beauty with a variety of Mushrooms as we ingest and digest cultural stories of interbeing, emergence and regeneration. Participating Mushrooms will likely include: Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Maitake, and will be joined by other plants from our bioregion who amplify support for human vitality, nervous systems, immune systems, cognition and sensing. The tone of the day will be a chord of curiosity, play, celebration, and beauty. We will compose altars as well as dishes, practice tuning-in to our intuitive ways of sensing and creating. For anyone new to herbal medicine, this session will include hands-on experience in alchemies of heat, water, acid, salt, tincturing, maceration, and more.

When: April 26th 12-3pm
Cost: $60-$100 Sliding Scale
Where: Good Medicine Collective @ 231 York Street

Hosted by KYRA KRISTOF / Imaginal Studio

Kyra Kristof works at the confluence of art and social change, and is a founder of the reality rearchitecture firm, Imaginal Studio.

Words presently on the front of my tongue include: kinship, belonging, racination. Questions that sing me awake include: How can I reweave my sensing self into the macrobiome of the place I inhabit? What conversations unfold with landscapes when we’re in kinship relationship with the more than human world? How can animism in a kinship paradigm be legible in modern food systems? How can art and play offer our nervous systems a pathway into the unknown and unknowable? I am engaging issues of land stewardship through a doorway of cuisine, inviting deeper relationship with the beings whose bodies become our bodies, and curiosity as a guide to nourishment, medicine and beauty in this time of rapid and unpredictable change.


Good Medicine Collective
231 York Street
Portland, 04102 United States
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