As we ponder the long-term vision for Good Medicine, we will slowly begin to reopen our doors this summer. We bow in respect to the power of nature- this virus- and will be participating in the ritual of trust to create the safest space that we can. You may access our detailed COVID guidelines here. You will notice many changes in the space: 


  • LB Kitchen will no longer be operating out of Good Medicine. We are deeply grateful for the vibrancy, delicious healthy food, and care they brought to the space and Good Medicine community. We look forward to imagining new ways of collaboration and medicinal food offerings in the future. Visit their website to order food from their East End location.


  • The studio will no longer be rented out to the public for events. Eventually, when we can gather together again, the studio will be used by Good Medicine in service of creating sacred space for individual and communal transformation.


  • We will be continuing to work towards whole health equity. Please donate here to help fund individual and communal healing opportunities for those under-resourced in this moment. Current projects include BIPOC Wellness Wednesdays, whole health case management, holistic services for members of partner organizations including Maine Inside Out, Maine Youth Justice, and Indigo Arts Alliance. We also hope you will consider donating to Rene Goddess, Embodied Equity Consultant who Good Medicine fiscally sponsors to help bring embodied practices to social justice and racial equity training. “The work is not about being comfortable in your choices but about being bold and honest in your ignorance and blind spots, then connecting, working intimately with, and correcting practices using the resources in that community to change future outcomes.”