Dearest Community,

Together, over the past 18 months, we human beings found ourselves on a journey that asks us to examine the bigger questions of our lives: Who am I when the world shuts down? How do I spend this brief time on Earth? How do I live my way into more awareness? Depth? Meaning? Connection? To whom or what do I belong?

We’ve been asking these questions of ourselves and our organization at Good Medicine. While we certainly don’t have the answers, we are committed to personal and community practices that help us live into a more depth-centered way of being. One that asks us to slow down, feel ourselves, feel each other, recognize our inherent worth and belonging just as we are.

After a long hiatus of events at Good Medicine, we are opening our doors again to the community. You are receiving this email because at some point in the past 3 years your life has intersected with ours. All of the offerings in the studio will be facilitated by Good Medicine providers who are committed to the journey of sustainable transformation; the journey of depth over distraction, curiosity over certainty, acceptance over judgment, wholeness over fragmentation. Together in community, we’ll help each other in the exploration of our own truths. As Ram Dass said, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

Please check out our new website and take note of the Circles that we will be offering this fall in the Studio.

With love,
Liz Strawbridge

PS: Stop by for coffee or tea and meet the Good Medicine Hearth Holder, Sabra Saperstein, who came to us from Insight Meditation Society. Her food and beverage nourish the belly and her healing presence nourishes the heart.