Dear Collective,

It has been such a joy for me to see you and many of your families and friends during the lunches at Good Medicine.  I feel a palpable shift in energy, ease, and vitality that has emerged over the past few months. I’m grateful for all the ways in which each of you are showing up to this community. I know there is work to be done before we all feel a true sense of belonging, before this home feels equitable and inclusive. In my heart, I sense that we are following the right track and that we are right on time.  As my mind begins to rush towards all the possibilities, the shoulds, the urgency… I am humbly reminded of the past 18 months and its gifts of slowness and simplicity. These two principles continue to be the inner guides that I most trust and whose wisdom I nearly always transgress. 

Ever learning, Stew and I are garnering the support we need in order to stay true to Good Medicine’s slow and simple evolution. We continue to work with Tara Jenkins to hone the organizational design and look forward to sharing our progress with you as it unfolds. I am working towards improving my communication practices to keep everyone more abreast of our conversations so you have more clarity and opportunity to participate and offer feedback. Sabra and I meet weekly to keep gently moving us onwards with loving care. Here is a snapshot of what we’re discussing these days:

  • Fostering community intimacy 
  • Provider collaboration
  • Belonging and inclusivity
  • Communication (newsletter, website, resources, SEVA, bios)
  • Neighborhood connections
  • Personal and Collective sustainability

We will share more concrete information about where we’re at with these and invite feedback at our upcoming meeting. 

One thing that has been on my mind is a desire I feel from many of you to know your role at Good Medicine, to understand how we fit together. I am continuing to follow the guidance of slowness in this process. As we become more intimate, I suspect there will be a natural emergence of what it means to belong together in this community. We are many businesses/brands/individuals working in the same space. My hunch is that collaboration will emerge from a place of letting go of these identities and together serving one greater purpose. This doesn’t mean we abandon our individual work; but in whatever work we are meant to do together…it will require us to shed our ideas of separateness. 

Lastly, we have been dreaming about the possibility of tasting each other’s medicine. This may take the form of rotating through different providers to co-lead the monthly meetings. It allows us to learn about the passion that fuels you in your calling- be it movement, breath, meditation, song, drum, or any other form of facilitation. Sabra will spearhead this and lead us through relational practices during the first part of our next meeting on June 21st. 

Holding you all with tenderness and love,
❤️  Liz