Dear Collective,

After a long soul-searching process, the direction of Good Medicine is becoming more clear. There were so many lessons learned from the first time around that are still being composted, digested and becoming fertile nourishment for her evolution. 

While still a work in progress, I wanted to share the current iteration of her mission and vision. We are moving away from what feels like a “co-working space” and focusing more on cultivating a distinct cohesive heart-centered culture among our community. This is not the norm today; so in order to create this field, it requires a deep and intentional commitment to the vision and each other and trust in an emergent process. This is a transition point from the original expectations and may not be what you signed up for, so please take time to discern your desire and ability to commit to the new vision. I have included a link below (click on the green button).

After reading it, if you aren’t feeling a resounding Hell YES! in your body, I ask that you reconsider your involvement with this project. While there is room to knead and sculpt the vision of this creation together, we are calling for intimate engagement from you in order to cultivate the community home we envision. We all have busy work lives and families and multiple agendas to attend to. The depth of the ask from me may not be in alignment with what is possible for you at this time, nor may it be what you desire. Before you commit to a facilitated retreat later this spring, take time to check in with yourself, ask questions, reach out to determine if you are ready to commit to Good Medicine 2.0.  We will fully support you in whatever transition is required to ensure we are all acting in alignment with our capacity and desire. 

We will be discussing this at our next Good Medicine meeting tomorrow, Monday, April 26th at noon, so please come with any reflections or questions. This is a work in progress, but it points to the direction we are heading. We’ll plan on meeting with masks in the studio at 12pm and finish up by 12:45 so folks can grab lunch afterwards in the cafe if they desire!

Embracing the uncertainty of a new way.
With love,