Dear Collective,

In this moment of disruption and upheaval it suddenly seems that the virus was only the canary in the coal mine. A small microscopic organism that uncovered the veil of crumbling scaffolding underneath the shiny veneer of our global human body. It gave us insight into the massive imbalances and systemic issues that we face, which are now raging and roaring within this body.

Our traumas ignored, untended, erupting finally in desperation from physical pain, spiritual anguish. We must go into the pain, the fear, the anger, the violence, the confusion, the shame and listen to it rather than fix it if we want to heal our bodies and our one body. 

The virus gave us a clue – it reminded us we are all connected, we are all one. As the systems necessarily break down around us, may we go deeper towards the source of this body’s hurt. May we remember this and find each other in love.